China and the World - Introductory webinar series

A new six week introductory webinar series on China, starting on Wednesday 10 November, 2-4pm CET and running through until 15 December.

China’s economic rise in the last three decades is unprecedented and is shaping our world like never before. Global capitalism today would not survive in its current form without China’s dynamism and pivotal role. Yet China, despite its size and power, remains a state, nation, country and people that is little understood and poorly portrayed – most of all by mainstream media and politicians outside China. Its portrayal is too often a projection of the fears, ideologies and political interests of those outsiders, rather than an honest examination of China’s unique history, politics and peoples and their own struggles for justice.

To confront some of the mythologies, and also to deepen understanding of the country, Transnational Institute together with gongchao, Made In China Journal, Lausan, Critical China Scholars and the Asia-Europe Peoples’ Forum has collaborated to put this series together. It is intended for activists anywhere in the world who want to have a basic understanding of China’s political and economic system, its global impact and role, and the best ways to engage with the Chinese state, its institutions and corporations, and its communities and grassroots groups.

Register for the full series or individual sessions taking place weekly 2-4pm CET from 10 November to 15 December

There will be six sessions:

  1. Life in China, 10 November
  2. China’s economic system, 17 November
  3. China’s political system, 24 November (this will take place one hour later at 15:00 CET)
  4. China’s social movements, 1 December
  5. China and the world, 8 December
  6. China and the planet, 15 December

We have pulled together some brilliant activists and researchers on China including: Joel Andreas, Walden Bello, Darren Byler, Ying Chen, Yangyang Cheng, Tobita Chow, Manfred Elfstrom, Eli Friedman, Isabel Hilton, Brian Hioe, Ho-Fung Hung, Lee Jones, Rebecca Karl, Crystal L, Kevin Lin, Yutong Lin, Dong Yige, Ralf Ruckus, May Wu, Stella Hong Zhang.

More details of the webinar series and the final list of confirmed speakers can be found on TNI’s website: https://www.tni.org/en/webinar/china-and-the-world-webinar-series

woensdag, 10 november, 2021 - 14:00 tot woensdag, 15 december, 2021 - 16:00