Crisis of capitalism

Lecture given at the Conference on the ‘Crisis of Capitalism, Welfare State and Labour’, Madrid, November 18, 2010. The Conference was organized by Instituto de Cultura del Sur, an institution under the patronage of eight municipalities of Madrid. Other participants on this Conference were Roberto Savio (WSF), Susan George, Ricardo Petrella, Rémy Herrera, Walter Stahel, Eduardo Estévez Martín and Guy Bajoit. The Conference was attended by inhabitants of Madrid.

The theme of this conference is the Crisis of Capitalism, Welfare State and Labour. I want to treat this topic from a long term perspective and its multiple dimensions, in contrast to a shorter term treatment and one just limited to the economy, although the latter dimension is the basic one.

I view the crisis in at least five fields: the economic, social, political, ecological and geopolitical (militarization and war) field.

Read the whole lecture of Marc Vandepitte (pdf).

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