Have the NGO's sold their souls to the minister of development cooperation?

On 4 May 2009, representatives of the Belgian government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) signed an agreement concerning the effectiveness of Belgium’s federal development cooperation. Charles Michel, Minister of Development Cooperation, and Peter Moors, general director of his administration, the Directorate-General for Development Cooperation, signed on behalf of the government.
  • Stefaan Anrys Charles Michel Stefaan Anrys
The NGOs were represented by the two umbrella organisations, 11 .11 .11 and its French-speaking counterpart CNCD, and by the two NGO federations Coprogram and Acodev. Their presidents and general secretaries or directors signed the agreement on behalf of the NGOs. The complete agreement is to be found on Coprogram’s website: www.coprogram.be. in Dutch and in French on Acodev’s website: www.acodev.be
Jean Reynaert outlines the agreement’s context, content and consequences. Jean Reynaert is a policy officer for Coprogram. He provided support for the group of six NGO representatives who negotiated and signed the agreement with the government on aid effectiveness. He is alfo co chair of the working group of Concord on CSO– effectiveness and represents Concord in the global facilitation group of the Open Forum.

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