MO*lecture: Opting for Climate

Qi Ye and Jos Delbeke respond to the question of whether China and the EU can save the world from a climate catastrophe.

  • Gie Goris / John Vandaele MO*lecture: Opting for Climate Gie Goris / John Vandaele

China and the European Union together produce more than a third of the world’s greenhouse gases. They both have a climate policy and are crucial to the aim of keeping climate change under control.

  • Professor Qi Ye worked in the US for many years and now leads the Climate Policy Initiative at Qinghua University in Beijing. He explains the advances China is making in its climate and energy policy.
  • Jos Delbeke, Director-General of Climate Action in the European Commission, will unveil what the EU is doing on its side.

Both speakers will also examine the opportunities and obstacles in the relevant decision-making.

The MO* journalists Alma De Walsche and John Vandaele will enter into debate with them.

We 05/03 19:30 Kaaitheater Brussels
Lecture | EN | € 5 | please book at:

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