Pakistan is the new Central-America

Wthin the framework of the War on Terror, the American army started training Pakistani Special Forces to hunt down important militants in the Taliban. Key to this is john Negroponte. he eighties revisited.
Over the past seven years, the US invested ten million dollars in the Pakistani army.  Nevertheless, the insurrection of the Taliban in Afghanistan has never been stronger.  According to an anonymous source from the Pakistan army the new training program ‘has already started, several teams of American Officers have arrived and the basic trainings has begun.’
The project is an initiative of John Negroponte, the American vice minister of foreign affairs.  In the past, Negroponte already launched similar initiatives – amongst others in Honduras and the Philippines – where local armies were integrated into the plans of the American military. 
During the eighties Negroponte was the key figure in the civil war in Nicaragua.  After his nomination as ambassador in Honduras, American support increased from 4 million dollars to more than 77 million dollars a year.  In Honduras, Negroponte was responsible for the supervision of bases where military units were trained, armed and sent out to neighbouring Nicaragua in order to fight a guerrilla struggle against the left Sandino government.  According to a research conducted in 2001,   these camps were also used as detention and torture centres. 
During excavations 185 bodies were amongst other things found.  It is estimated that the number of citizen deaths during the duration of the war reached several tens of thousands.  In spite of this Negroponte claimed in 1982 in an open letter to the The Economist that ‘It is simply untrue to state that death squadrons ever entered Honduras’. 
As Ambassador in Mexico, Negroponte lobbied for ratification of the free trade agreements.  He also used the American secret service against the Zapatistas.  In 1993 president Clinton appointed him ambassador of the Philippines where he started a military program against the terrorist movement of Abu Sayyaf.  In 2001 he became ambassador at the United Nations in New York where he succeeded in maintaining the guaranteed immunity of the US at the International Court of Justice.  Also he made the UN Security Council accept resolution 1441.  This resolution forces Iraq to hand over weapons of mass destruction. 

When in 2004 Negroponte was appointed ambassador of Iraq, Honduras withdrew its small amount of troops from the country.      

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