WFP/Rein Skullerud

WFP Economist On CAR: "It Doesn’t Get Much Worse"

The Central African Republic (CAR) – torn apart since December by widespread conflict and killings of civilians by armed groups – is unravelling. The consequences are already catastrophic for many people. Almost the entire population is in desperate need of food.
Sammy Baloji

MO*lecture: Who profits from Congo’s raw materials?

MO*lecture: panel composed of David Van Reybrouck, Karel De Gucht, Chrispin Mvano, Steven Spittaels and John Vandaele.
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Everybody loves Mandela, but why?

Everybody loves Mandela. If he could just stay, here with us, a bit longer. Why is it so hard to let him go? Are we afraid of the unbearable lightness of politics? South-Africa expert and former MO* journalist, Stefaan Anrys, tries to formulate an answer.

Pygmy women leader and environmental activist appointed minister in South Kivu

On June 5th, Governor Marcellin Chisambo announced a reshuffle of the government of the Congolese province of South Kivu. Three weeks ago, three ministers were thrown out following a motion of no confidence in the provincial Parliament. One of the new ministers is Adolphine Byayuwa Muley, 42 years old. She will lead the ministry of environment and ...
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In The Shadow Of The Baobab: Kagame Blows Cold And Hot On A Third Mandate

In October 1990, after Fred Rwigyema's death on the third day the struggle to conquer Rwanda, Paul Kagame took over the command over the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and led it to victory in July 1994. He became Vice-President and Minister of Defense in the transitional government installed after the Rwandan genocide. In March 2000, President Past ...
Kris Berwouts

Back To Musaga: Post-War Burundi, Seen From The Hood

I was invited to visit Musaga by a woman who has lived and worked in Bujumbura for several months – in the Centre Artisanal de Musaga (CAM), where seventy women had started a project to produce clothes, pottery and jewelry. My friend's contribution had been to start a social restaurant. "Come and enjoy one of our meals," she had said, "you can eat ...
Kris Berwouts

Land Issues Keep Possibility Of Conflict Alive in Burundi

The civil war in Burundi now lies several years behind us. Since November 2003, when the CNDD-FDD integrated the transitional institutions, the rebels and the regular armed forces integrated their troops into a new national army. The country has had two elections which brought back majority rule. But this remains fragile. Burundi has made impressiv ...
Erik Mwamba

Getting Rich in Poverty-stricken Congo

Congolese-Australian journalist Eric Mwamba went on a search to find the secret behind the riches of the Congolese elite. Many of his witnesses prefered staying anonymous for fear of their lives – which looks like a kind of Congolese omerta. John Vandaele selected Mwamba’s strongest observations and added some personal touches.
Allan Gichigi

'Send the vultures packing'

From my café terrace in The Hague’s pleasant street bustle I immediately spot him. Boniface Mwangi sticks out with his polo shirt in black, green and red, the colours of the Kenyan flag. Apart from that, the two-time winner of the CNN Africa Photojournalist Award (2008 and 2010) is an inconspicuous figure. He shows signs of fatigue that s ...

Is Ghana truly the beacon of hope for democracy in Africa?

Ghanaians went to the polls on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th December 2012 to elect an executive President  and 275 Parliamentarians for a four year term January 2013 to December 2016. Less than 48 hours after the voting was closed, the caretaker President  H.E. John Dramani Mahama of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was declared a wi ...

Goma Falls To The M23: A Tale Of War, Rebellion And Dreadful Peace Agreements

On Thursday November 15th 'M23' – the rebellion movement which was created earlier this year – launched a major attack on the city of Goma which, after a quieter day on Friday, culminated in a very stressful weekend. The question on Sunday evening was: will or will they not take Goma. On Monday they did. These are thoughts compiled throughout the l ...

Kris Berwouts on the road in Congo

I spent the last twenty days of June in the Congo. Most of that time, I visited people and communities at grass root level. In brief, I went to Fizi – Baraka – Uvira – Bukavu – Kalehe – Minova – Goma. All by road. I ended my trip in Kinshasa, trying to wrap with a more national perspective. What follows is not really an article, nor is it an elabor ...