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‘The Greek state has nothing to gain but environmental cost from the investment’

The Greek mining company Hellas Gold pays both the police of the Halkidiki region and private security guards to secure a large gold mine in northern Greece. That does not scare off local residents to oppose a project that they believe will ruin their environment and future.
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Greek goldrush shows that Panamapapers are tip of the iceberg

Greece is rich, if you just add up the billions which the gold is worth in Greek soil. Yet hospitals close, TB and malaria come back, malnutrition spreads, pensions halved, wages fell by a quarter and there is no work for half of the youth. Can a Greek gold rush create jobs and get the country out of the doldrums?
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Geert Mak: ‘Fear is our biggest enemy’

'In 2004, there was barely any debate concerning Europe, outside of the EU-bubble. Today, because of all the misery and crises, we are agitatedly shouting at each other. However, we do that as Europeans. This means a European debate is trending', Geert Mak says.

Will Brexit trigger the Africanisation of Europe?

One reason why the UK might want to leave the EU is that the EU is an ‘untransparent, ineffective juggernaut’. However, the African experience shows that a web of smaller organisations might be even worse. Unfortunately, an African-style web is where Europe might end up after a Brexit. 
Valentina Calà (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Don't Drink Bombers' Deadly Cocktail

In an editorial I wrote on Monday, after a week intense anti-terror activity in Brussels, I used an Uzbek proverb –‘One man builds a bridge, a thousand men cross it’- to advocate an active, two-way engagement between Brussels Muslim communities and the Belgian state.
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Erdogan's new Kurdistan

For months already, heavy fighting wreak havoc in the Kurdish cities of Turkey, without any sign of appeasement, on the contrary. Yet, the Turkish government and the politicians of the governing AKP are already planning how to redraw the southeast thoroughly once the guns silenced. For the ravages of war offers the government an opportunity to rede ...

Brussels Lockdown: X-Ray of the Belgian Security Apparatus

Brussels, the diplomatic capital of the world and host to the NATO headquarters and EU institutions, is under the highest terrorist threat. MO* investigative journalist Kristof Clerix, author of two books on intelligence, explores the Belgian security landscape. Who is keeping Brave Little Belgium safe?
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‘Let's foster dialogues with our youngsters that respect privacy’

‘Ever since people embraced the Internet, ever since we learned about the consequences of our new ways of interacting and communicating, the urgency to reflect upon – and maybe even rethink – the meaning of privacy grew stronger.’ Ben Caudron made the following speech ahead of the announcement of the jury's laureate of the B ...
Coss and Johanna (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Putin's media takeover

The Russian government does not only keep a close watch on television channels, radio broadcasters and printing press, it also tries to control the internet. This makes it even more difficult for Russians to obtain information that has not been screened by the Kremlin.
Daniel Horacio Agostini (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

‘Human traffickers never keep their word’

It took the Surian refugee Omar not less than even months and almost 7000 euros to travel from Turkey to Austria. In a coffee shop in the Austrian city of Linz, MO* listened to his shocking testimony.

'Welcome to Hungary (But not wholeheartedly)’

Finally, Europe. But forget about a warm welcome. Hungary is notorious for its harsh treatment of refugees and an inhospitable political climate. The problem is, once arrested at the border, a refugee is obliged to ask for asylum and give his fingerprint. This cripples their chances of being recognised as refugees elsewhere seriously.
Laura Balcells (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Why some refugees do return to the hell of their homeland

Nazim is not heading to some promised land in Western Europe. He returns, broken by misfortune and disappointment. He will literally get back on his steps from Germany to Syria. His story reads like a list of all the things that can go wrong on the way to Europe.