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Dilys Williams: 'Designers need to challenge the status quo'

'It is not in the nature of fashion designers to follow the sheep. On the contrary, fashion is about challenging the system.' Head of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion Dilys Williams is certain of the fact that her colleagues have a lot of power in their hands. 'But there is still work to do. The current alternatives are simply not enough.'
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‘Do you know the way to Hungary?’

Unlike neighbouring Macedonia, Serbia seems to opt for a more humane approach to the flow of refugees crossing the country. Serbia has something like a working asylum system, partly built on the legacy of the reception of Serb refugees from Bosnia, Kosovo and Croatia. But the country remains only a stop-over on the way up north.
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Spy war behind the scenes of the Brussels diplomacy

At least three senior officials from sensitive European departments have in recent years been called back from Brussels by their country of origin, on suspicion of having had contacts with Russian intelligence, MO* has learned from several knowledgeable sources in the world of security and intelligence. These kind of affairs are handled behind the ...
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‘I saw on TV how everyone was leaving Kosovo, so I went myself’

Only recently the Balkans became a transit route, but migration is certainly not new to the region. For the last two decades, the Balkans were important countries of origin. Still, last year tens of thousands of Kosovars left  their country in a time span of only few months. This migration wave stopped as suddenly as is has begun, and the reas ...
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Bulgaria: Exquisite back door to the Balkan

Bulgaria does not exactly correspond to the image of a new life in Europe that refugees carry with them. But the country shares a border with Turkey, and is therefore an excellent loophole to avoid Greece on the way to Europe. The last two years the influx of refugees has tenfolded, an increase Bulgaria was not prepared for..
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MO*reporter undercover in human trafficking in Macedonia

Macedonia is the link in the Balkan route which frightens migrants the most. The two hundred kilometres from the Greek border to Serbia are regarded as the most difficult. The migration routes through the country are almost completely controlled by criminal groups, while the government looks the other way. The biggest victims are the refugees, left ...
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Greece: The starting line

The harsh stand on migration of the two previous governments in Greece and the festering economical crisis causes many migrants who have been living in the country for years to leave Greece behind. At the same time, Greece is a stop-over for mainly Syrian and Iraqi refugees on their way to Western Europe. And so, the small village of Idomeni became ...
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‘Europe, still one country ahead’

When it comes to migration, all the eyes have been on the Mediterranean recently. The sheer scope of the human tragedies off the European coasts and the indifference of our continent are hard to grasp. But the sea isn't the only gateway to Europe. Thousands of people are making their way up north by land, across the Western Balkan.
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Cocaine trafficking across Europe in the age of technology

With technology evolving rapidly, drug trafficking is set for the dawn of a new era. It is now possible to buy drugs online and have them delivered right to your doorstep just like any other product. How is this changing the relationship between drug suppliers and users? MO* looks at how cocaine dealers, users and law enforcement agencies are adapt ...
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Italian spyware and the demise of a Moroccan news site

Western companies selling surveillance technology to law enforcement and intelligence services are on the rise. In 2012 the Moroccan news website Mamfakinch, founded to report on the Arab Spring protests, was targeted with spyware developed by an Italian company called Hacking Team. The attack proved to be the fatal blow to the site and its many co ...
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Saskia Sassen: 'We must become innovators'

The current capitalist system is not fueled by money and consumption, instead it is fueled by financial speculation, according to Saskia Sassen, one of the top US political scientists. The current situation leaves us with dead land, dead water, and the massive expulsion of the common man. But it also offers us plenty of opportunities to start worki ...
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Are you Charlie?

Our increasingly globalized world isn’t a happy place for everyone. The elites of the old West, Europe and the United States, are still in control. China, India, Brazil, and others are growing, but by and large global power relations are more or less the same as they have been since world war two. There is a pecking order. A division of labor ...