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Ilkka Salmi, the EU’s spymaster

Information on the latest developments in Ukraine is of utmost importance for European policy makers. A crucial player in this field is the EU Intelligence Analysis Centre (INTCEN), the EU’s own intelligence hub in Brussels. Director Ilkka Salmi: ‘Our reporting helps the European External Action Service and other European institutions t ...
CC Apostolos

European IMF directors protected the banks, but hit the Greeks

MO* Magazine could seize a confidential document that shows the number of questions about the approach of the Greece debt crisis that lived within the IMF Executive Board.
Bart Lasuy

The German Energiewende: It is our energy !

Germany is undergoing an ambitious energy transition, or as they say in German: an Energiewende. While it's not certain that the country will meet its goals, many Germans are making their own efforts as the financial crisis fuels a desire to collaborate on producing renewable energy locally. Some, however, are critical of the increasing costs.
The Council of the European Union

Serious cyber attack hits Belgian military intelligence service

Early 2013, experts of the US Cyber Command helped the Belgian military intelligence service ADIV get on top of a serious cyber attack. In an exclusive interview with the Belgian monthly magazine MO*, general Eddy Testelmans (head of ADIV) sheds some light on the events and on Belgium's own capability to intercept communications abroad.
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The growing pains of Brussels

Spanish rates of unemployment, Chinese levels of income inequality and a diversity comparable to that of New York: Brussels has it all. The city is driven by modern dynamics but is governed by institutions stemming from old inter-community tensions. The growing sense of "Brussels" can help to better address the problems.
Gie Goris

Two MO*lectures With Famous Indian Activist Sunita Narain

Sunita Narain is director of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in India , where she has been working for more than 30 years on the relation between ecology and development. She is one of the most authoritative voices from the Global South when it comes to global debates about environment and climate.
Bart Lasuy


In 2008, Africalia and the city of Ghent chose South African Ismail Farouk to create a work of art for Ledeberg, a borough of Ghent. His functional artwork ‘Smaaklik’ is not there yet, in the meantime Farouk shares his views on space and society in Ledeberg, Europe and his home country South-Africa.

Economic crisis turns into popular uprising

The deep economic crisis which is slapping the European Union has evolved into a social crisis with growing resistance to EU economic policies. The "European Spring" is rapidly paving its way across the continent. Social movements such as the Indignados with “slow impatience” are fighting for a drastic change, as the social activist Esther Vivas to ...

Rising Asia and Old Europe need to work together

Tempting as it may be, it would be wrong to write off Europe as yesterday’s power. Europe still matters even though this is not the message some EU policymakers have been sending out to a watching world.
Nadezhda Chipeva

Bleak horizon

In spite of the efforts made by NGOs and the distribution of EU funds, Europe’s main minority is no better off than it was 10 years ago. A lack of appropriate supervision in Brussels, the corruption of local leaders and the indifference of national governments are at the root of the problem.

What racism does to a child

Children know what racism is. Harassment, jokes, negative statements about heritage, colour and religion belong to the life of many primary school pupils. Through individual conversations and focus groups, MO* examines this phenomenon. Their results are both startling and challenging.
Kristof Clerix

The dragon no longer is the little brother

The population of Russia is declining fast. In the Far East, only six million Russians are left. At the other side of the border, hundreds of millions of Chinese are packed together in the northern provinces of the People’s Republic. Is the Chinese dragon a threat for the Russian bear?