Brecht Goris

Volatile financial markets and the ghosts of capital

Joseph Vogl is a culture- and literature scientist and lectures in Berlin and Princeton. The 7th of December 2010 he was one of our guests on a MO*lecture in Ghent about capitalism in the 21st century. Title of his lecture: 'Volatile financial markets and the ghosts of capital'. We publish here the full text of his intresting lecture.

Crisis of capitalism

Lecture given at the Conference on the ‘Crisis of Capitalism, Welfare State and Labour’, Madrid, November 18, 2010. The Conference was organized by Instituto de Cultura del Sur, an institution under the patronage of eight municipalities of Madrid. Other participants on this Conference were Roberto Savio (WSF), Susan George, Ricardo Petrella, Rémy H ...

The Pitfall of the Debate about Aid

Over the last few months the debate about development aid has been very lively. But that debate holds a risk in that it hides the most important aspects of development cooperation behind a smoke screen. This is a pitfall we should not go for.