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Does the new Nepal constitution work for Nepali workers?

After five years, six months and 26 days of work as well as two elections, two major earthquakes and close to 500 aftershocks, a new dawn rises on Nepal: the new Constitution is proclaimed today. But what kind of provisions does this new Constitution rese
CC Mike Rastiello (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Pakistan’s Internal Debate on Extremism

Pakistan is fast losing traditional space to emotional sloganeering, empty rhetoric and fake jubilations in its war against terrorism. Every act of terrorism against an individual or a group with particular intellectual, sectarian or ethnic identity establishes the fact that cosmetics are no longer sufficient to hide the ugly face of reality. With ...
(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)  Junaidrao

Roots of radicalisation in Pakistan

The political and intellectual consensus against terrorism in Pakistan is getting regular shocks by unabated terrorist attacks on civilians and communities. With 1520 people killed during 5 months of 2015, the “motivated vigor” of civil and military leadership has started sounding shallow despite the successes of military operations in ...
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The Widening Black Hole of Karachi

Pakistan might look like a puzzle with too many missing pieces. Then try solving Karachi. It has all the complexities and contradictions of Pakistan, plus the intensity of a megacity on steroids. If that sounds sexy, think again. Karachi produces more victims than a country at war would do on a normal day.
(c) Alifiyah Imani

Who is killing dissent and diversity in Pakistan?

The spate of targeted attacks on high profile academics and a peace activist jolted Pakistan out of lofty dreams of $46 billions neatly spread in a colorful corridor. Ridiculing the claims by civil and military establishment about ongoing operation against target killers and terrorists, the murders created a thick wave of gloom, despair, anger and ...

Will Pakistan-Saudi relations survive Yemen crisis?

Ceciel Shiraz Raj will provide MO* with a weekly analysis of the trends shaping Pakistan. He reads the vociferous media in his country and boils all the screaming headlines down to what really matters. The life and tmes of a Hard Country, as Anatol Lieven called Pakistan.
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What is the way forward for Nepal?

Since the end of the civil war in 2006, repeated deadlines for a new constitution have passed, and several governments have come and gone in Nepal. As a result, the distance between the Nepali people and their government seems increasingly unbridgeable. 
© Gregor Nicolai

A look inside North Korea, the hermit kingdom

Now that Kim Jong-Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, has resurfaced and all speculation of a coup or his death has been halted, the world can divert their attention away once again from what is known as the most isolated country in the world. MO.be interviews Julia Leeb, the German photojournalist who recently was offered a rare glimpse of North Ko ...
(c) Brecht Goris

Amartya Sen on elections, communal politics and inequality in India

There is no lack of famous Indians, but few of the more than 1.2 billion Indians will come close to the global renown and respect of Amartya Sen, Nobelprize for Economy in 1998 and author of numerous books on economy, development, identity and justice. Sen has been living and working in the West for decades, but he is looking forward to being part ...
Gie Goris

Five rules to successfully debate India

Europalia India will flood Brussels and vicinity with arts from India, from October to February. MO* provides a survival guide to navigate the endless receptions and discussions accompanying all those exhibitions, cultural shows, performances and encounters that arrive from the country that Amartya Sen and Jean Drèze describe as ‘islands of C ...
Gie Goris

MO*lecture: The Future of Pakistan

Pakistan has elected a new government with Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister, and a new President has taken office. This year, the country should also get a new Chief Justice and a new Chief of Army Staff. Do all these changes at the top launch Pakistan towards a new and more promising future, or will the country struggle on and continue to be confron ...
Gie Goris

Two MO*lectures With Famous Indian Activist Sunita Narain

Sunita Narain is director of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in India , where she has been working for more than 30 years on the relation between ecology and development. She is one of the most authoritative voices from the Global South when it comes to global debates about environment and climate.