Yury Fedotov is the Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime
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Give hope back to victims

Not a single day goes by without a fresh report of women, men and children being sold into modern-day slavery; forced to work in sweatshops, fields and brothels, hidden in plain sight in the richest countries in the world, and in the poorest.  Human trafficking exploits the dream of millions for a better life for themselves and their children. ...
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Putin the drag queen and Obama the sex doll

She has a Bachelor's in Visual Arts and Design, describes herself as being liberal, speaks Arabic and English fluently, and has received death threats on numerous occasions. Saint Hoax talks to us anonymously; unfortunately she has to take the threats seriously.
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Oil rich but poor

Disarray in Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah, the third richest king in the world, will have to bring more to the table than the reforms he promised to appease the poor and unemployed in his country.
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MO*lecture Alfredo Jaar & Katerina Gregos

The Newtopia-event in Mechelen states a very clear relationship between art and human rights, and in a broader sense between artistic creation and political action. The main exhibition Newtopia brings the work of Alfredo Jaar in a satellite expo to the ING Cultural Centre in Brussels from 10th October until 10th December. Title of the expo is Let T ...
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“The UN provides the necessary legitimacy”

In sixteen UN peace and reconstruction missions around the world, there are some 120.000 men and women at work.‘A real UN army does not exist’, says Marco Bianchini, head of the UN liaison Office for Peace and Security in Brussels. The growing need to prevent or control conflicts on the international stage results in complex UN missions   ...

What racism does to a child

Children know what racism is. Harassment, jokes, negative statements about heritage, colour and religion belong to the life of many primary school pupils. Through individual conversations and focus groups, MO* examines this phenomenon. Their results are both startling and challenging.

The greener, the sooner

In a true Copernican shift, our lives will start to veritably revolve around the sun.

Afghan senior journalist Danish Karokhel: ‘A life of war is my motivation to fight for peace’

On Christmas Eve 1979 Soviet tanks entered Afghanistan. The war and violence that began then, is still with the Afghans, thirty years and many regime changes later. Afghan top journalist and chief editor Danish Karokhel, explains how he experienced those past thirty years.