Klaas Verplancke

Angry Fragile World

Three years after the debts volcano on Wall Street erupted, we can see more clearly what happened: a crisis of neoliberal globalization.

MO*lecture Hania Zlotnik & Fred Pearce: 7 Billion People: Development Disaster or Opportunity?

Monday 7 November at 7 pm in the Kaaitheater in Brussels, two internationally recognized experts will debate about population, climate, migration and development.

7 Billion: Development Disaster or Opportunity?

Every day the world adds 209.000 inhabitants and the UN expects the 7 billionth living human to be born on October 31th. Will we welcome him or her chanting peace on earth for everone? Or will the rea ...
Surian Soosay

Mladic versus Bin Laden method

The US operation in May 2011 that killed 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden couldn't have contrasted more with the low-key arrest a few weeks later of Ratko Mladic, a man held responsible by the Internat ...

The mule and the driver

Mid April the EU signed a free trade agreement with Colombia. Now it is the turn of the parliaments involved to ratify the agreement. To remove any possible obstacles – Bogota’s human rights situation ...
Niccolo Caranti

The EU struggles with its huge green challenge

The EU aspires to environmental leadership. At times it manages to materialise that ambition, but is uncertain whether the EU will attain its so-called 20-20-20 climate and energy targets. After all, ...

The Days of Anger’: Humiliation, Fear and Dignity in the Middle East

Some will claim that the true, structural causes for these Arab revolts reside in the rising food prizes or other objective economic factors. Others will claim it is the new social media. Others again ...

Swarm Intelligence: How to begin to understand the squared circle of Tahrir Square?

The ongoing Revolutions in the Middle East change everything. Or at least: a lot. We have to reconsider the entire picture. It is a geopolitical paradigm shift. But I cannot even start to tackle all t ...

The Power of the Multitude!

A spectre is roaming the Middle East: the spectre of the multitude. The beauty and in a sense the world historical importance of this Jasmine Revolution (or whatever it will be called in the annals ...

MO*lecture 'Das Kapital 2.0' with Tariq Ali and Joseph Vogl in Ghent

The worldwide economic crisis caused a renewed interest in the work of Karl Marx. Only few defend a return to the strict interpretation of the 20th century but a reread of the 19th century analyses se ...

Yemen: thousand-and-one challenges

Yemen needs to fight severe safety problems and faces as poorest Arab country millions of political, economical and social challenges. Counter terror programs fail and political powers are steeped in ...

Freedom of press in Yemen

The offices of Al Ayyam, one of the oldest and most popular independent newspapers of Yemen, now banned, are part of a fort in Aden. Official security forces and the guards of Al Ayyam got into an arm ...