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Can Alternative Livelihoods Dismantle Colombia’s Narcotics Empire?

As the news about El Chapo’s recapture continues to make headlines, MO* explores Colombia’s narcotics empire to understand how the development of alternative livelihoods is trying to combat the illicit drug trade and production from the inside.

Bogotà bomb blast: who is to blame?

A bomb targeting an unbending former interior minister killed 2 and injured at least 54 people in Bogotá. Rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are being accused by many. The guerrilla group recently manifested interest in ending the country's civil war, so why murder Fernando Londoño? Just how likely are negotiations with the ...

Colombia: French journalist kidnapped, conflict resolution back to zero?

Colombia's main rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), is suspected of holding French journalist Roméo Langlois. The rebel group announced in February that they would no longer kidnap civilians for purposes of extortion, a pillar for the stability of Colombia that now seems to stagger.

The mule and the driver

Mid April the EU signed a free trade agreement with Colombia. Now it is the turn of the parliaments involved to ratify the agreement. To remove any possible obstacles – Bogota’s human rights situation is controversial – a delegation of Members of the European Parliament paid a visit to Colombia. MO* was there too.