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| What Next For Gaza?

As I sit here in my office cum bedroom in Gaza City, listening to the airstrikes and rocket fire, there is talk of how to bring the violence to an end. This is to be eminently desired, parti ...
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| Putin the drag queen and Obama the sex doll

She has a Bachelor's in Visual Arts and Design, describes herself as being liberal, speaks Arabic and English fluently, and has received death threats on numerous occasions. Saint Hoax talks to us ...
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| Syria: Our Mandate Is Held Hostage by a Political Conflict

We must raise the alarm! In Syria, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles every day, that further limit our ability to feed innocent victims of war.
MO* - Samira Bendadi

| 'In the end it's about redistribution'

In Egypt, the military men are back in power. In Tunisia, two opposition leaders were shot dead this year and armed groups fight a guerrilla war with the forces of order. In Libya, the prime minister ...
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| Indonesia: An archipelago of opportunities

Indonesia has been living in the shadow of the Asian giants China and India. From now on, though, the Southeast-Asian nation has the ambition to become one of the emerging powers of the 21th century o ...
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| WFP Economist On CAR: "It Doesn’t Get Much Worse"

The Central African Republic (CAR) – torn apart since December by widespread conflict and killings of civilians by armed groups – is unravelling. The consequences are already catastrophic ...
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| Western consumption: a source of environmental conflicts

Mining projects, oil and gas extraction, energy crop plantations and tourist resorts are increasingly encroaching on pristine areas. Here they come more and more into conflict with local communities, ...
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| Amartya Sen on elections, communal politics and inequality in India

There is no lack of famous Indians, but few of the more than 1.2 billion Indians will come close to the global renown and respect of Amartya Sen, Nobelprize for Economy in 1998 and author of numerous ...
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| India organizes the real Mother of all Elections

The 7th of April is the starting day of the parliamentary elections in India, the results of which will  be  available  on  the  16th  of  May.Manjeev  Singh&nb ...

| Civil activism and alternative media stay active in Syria

After 3 years, the civil protest against the Assad regime is still active and there is not a glimmer of hope for a peaceful solution. The regime intensifies the attacks against civilians using contain ...
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| Ilkka Salmi, the EU’s spymaster

Information on the latest developments in Ukraine is of utmost importance for European policy makers. A crucial player in this field is the EU Intelligence Analysis Centre (INTCEN), the EU’s own ...
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| Experiments in democracy

China’s free market is doing fine, thank you. A free market without a free market in ideas, otherwise known as democracy, works. Some Western politicians seem to think that, simply by mimicking that s ...