© Gregor Nicolai

| A look inside North Korea, the hermit kingdom

Now that Kim Jong-Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, has resurfaced and all speculation of a coup or his death has been halted, the world can divert their attention away once again from what is known ...

| Montasser AlDe'emeh: 'Palestinian violence is legitimate but counterproductive'

Three wars in six years and every time Hamas claims victory. 'But what kind of victory is this, when houses, schools and hospitals are reduced to rubble? When there are more than two thousand casu ...
© Stefaan Anrys

| Donor darling Mozambique goes to vote with gas bonanza in mind

Today Mozambicans will cast their votes in general multi-party elections, for the fifth time after the ending of its civil war in 1992. Once a donor darling, this lusophone country in the South-East o ...

| Archaeology as a pretext for annexation in East Jerusalem

Silwan, annexed East Jerusalem, Thursday October 2th. Majd Gaith, 23 years old, cannot yet believe what happened two days ago. He shakes his head while attempting to explain the situation on the groun ...
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| Mental Health Matters

A safe and healthy passage from adolescence into adulthood is the right of every child. Being healthy means not merely the absence of illness, but complete physical, mental and social well-being. An e ...
© Barry Hewlett

| Mistakes in fighting Ebola repeated all over again, says pioneer

‘Médecins Sans Frontières is repeating the same mistakes from earlier Ebola outbreaks’. Prof. Barry Hewlett, the first anthropologist ever to be invited by the World Health Organization in ...
Yury Fedotov is the Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime
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| Give hope back to victims

Not a single day goes by without a fresh report of women, men and children being sold into modern-day slavery; forced to work in sweatshops, fields and brothels, hidden in plain sight in the richest c ...
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| What Next For Gaza?

As I sit here in my office cum bedroom in Gaza City, listening to the airstrikes and rocket fire, there is talk of how to bring the violence to an end. This is to be eminently desired, parti ...
© Saint Hoax

| Putin the drag queen and Obama the sex doll

She has a Bachelor's in Visual Arts and Design, describes herself as being liberal, speaks Arabic and English fluently, and has received death threats on numerous occasions. Saint Hoax talks to us ...
(c) WFP/Rein Skullerud

| Syria: Our Mandate Is Held Hostage by a Political Conflict

We must raise the alarm! In Syria, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles every day, that further limit our ability to feed innocent victims of war.
MO* - Samira Bendadi

| 'In the end it's about redistribution'

In Egypt, the military men are back in power. In Tunisia, two opposition leaders were shot dead this year and armed groups fight a guerrilla war with the forces of order. In Libya, the prime minister ...
© CC Utenriksdept CC BY ND 2.0

| Indonesia: An archipelago of opportunities

Indonesia has been living in the shadow of the Asian giants China and India. From now on, though, the Southeast-Asian nation has the ambition to become one of the emerging powers of the 21th century o ...





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