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| Amartya Sen on elections, communal politics and inequality in India

There is no lack of famous Indians, but few of the more than 1.2 billion Indians will come close to the global renown and respect of Amartya Sen, Nobelprize for Economy in 1998 and author of numerous ...
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| India organizes the real Mother of all Elections

The 7th of April is the starting day of the parliamentary elections in India, the results of which will  be  available  on  the  16th  of  May.Manjeev  Singh&nb ...

| Civil activism and alternative media stay active in Syria

After 3 years, the civil protest against the Assad regime is still active and there is not a glimmer of hope for a peaceful solution. The regime intensifies the attacks against civilians using contain ...
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| Ilkka Salmi, the EU’s spymaster

Information on the latest developments in Ukraine is of utmost importance for European policy makers. A crucial player in this field is the EU Intelligence Analysis Centre (INTCEN), the EU’s own ...
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| Experiments in democracy

China’s free market is doing fine, thank you. A free market without a free market in ideas, otherwise known as democracy, works. Some Western politicians seem to think that, simply by mimicking that s ...
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| MO*lecture: Opting for Climate

Qi Ye and Jos Delbeke respond to the question of whether China and the EU can save the world from a climate catastrophe.
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| European IMF directors protected the banks, but hit the Greeks

MO* Magazine could seize a confidential document that shows the number of questions about the approach of the Greece debt crisis that lived within the IMF Executive Board.
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| ‘Not putting things into your computer is a very effective tool’

When the world’s most powerful man asks your personal advice on one of the most sensitive geopolitical topics,  it’s fair to say you are influential. Together with four other American ...
Raf Custers

| Exclusive expulsion to prepare Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup and the Olympics

Rio is undergoing a transformation. Living is becoming expensive. Those with less purchasing power are being pushed to the edge of the city. The large scale sporting events of 2014 and 2016 and presti ...
Helga D’Havé and Bart Ulens

| Giant oil field in Kazakhstan is a ticking time bomb

The Kashagan oil field in the Caspian Sea contains immeasurable quantities of the black gold. However, mining it is highly complicated, with enormous risks for an environmental disaster and minimal ga ...

| Microfinance Does Work

Incofin, a Belgian Investment Manager focused on impact investing in the microfinance sector, will test this statement in a debate involving experts from both home and abroad. We warmly invite you to ...
Xander Stockmans

| The heart of Hezbollah's popular army

While part of Western opinion is lobbying for a military intervention in Syria, everyone seems to be distracted from the real targets: the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran. MO* reporter Pieter Stockmans pe ...