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Is Israel committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, supported by the West?

The ongoing Israeli siege of Gaza is not a typical war. The term ‘genocide’ is being used more frequently. Several Genocide experts and UN officials have also been making the case. Israel has used genocidal rhetoric and has secret plans for ‘evacuation to Egypt’.
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Where does the violence in the Middle East end? ‘This is colonialism that is becoming more extreme’

How should we understand this new chapter in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? When and how will the violence end? And what role should the international community play? MO* spoke to anti-colonial activist Eitan Bronstein Aparicio and human rights expert Mahmoud AbuRahma.

Cycling through Israeli nature parks, where forests cover the ruins of Palestinian villages

MO* journalist Pieter Stockmans cycled through the west of Jerusalem with Israeli and Palestinian cycling tourists. Separately, through the same area, but in different worlds. Forests and natural parks cover obliterated Palestinian villages. ‘I want to tell about it. We will never forget.’
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Cycling in the land of settlements, walls and military checkpoints

Can you develop a cycling club in occupied Palestinian territory? Sohaib Samara does it. MO* journalist Pieter Stockmans navigated with him between Israeli settlements, walls and military checkpoints. The ultimate dream? A real Palestinian cycling academy.
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Free Palestine on bikes: ‘If Israelis can go anywhere in this country, so can we’

A group of Palestinians from Bethlehem use bicycles as a means to 'win their freedom'. They ride everywhere, including across the Israeli border, without a permit. MO* journalist Pieter Stockmans crossed the desert with them, cycling from Bethlehem in Palestine to the Dead Sea in Israel.
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The absurd life story of stateless Salim

Salim was born in Saudi Arabia, just like his parents. Beyond their genes, he unfortunately also inherited their statelessness. Belgium recognised Salim as stateless but refuses to grant him a residence permit. Salim cannot return. Nor can he stay. Read his story here.
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‘We are not just victims, we are mostly survivors – and that should be celebrated’

‘I did not want to remain silent when I can talk, when I can do something with the horror that happens to people in war.’ So, Bosnian-Croatian theatre maker Tea Tupajić invited a number of Yezidi women used by IS as sex slaves to tell their story in detail for one last time.
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What about humanitarian aid for northwest Syria? Five questions and answers

In the northwest of Syria the earthquake is just another humanitarian catastrophe after another. Shaymaa Mosatafa, project coordinator for the Belgian ngo 11.11.11 in the Middle East, stresses the importance and urgency of international solidarity for Syrian civilians. 'The clock is ticking.'

Comic book author Barrack Rima: “Liberation is a path that never ends, we are never completely free”

With "Dans le taxi" Belgian-Lebanese comic book author Barrack Rima pays homage to her hometown of Tripoli. It is the place where she first learned about Sufism, but also where she had to oppress her gender identity. “I don’t want to end up like Salman Rushdie or the editors of Charlie Hebdo.”
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On the other side of the bars: the broken families of el-Sisi's Egypt

Egypt is holding 60,000 political prisoners in inhumane detention conditions. MO* spoke to their relatives, in Europe and in Egypt.
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Coronavirus in Northwest Syria: ‘We have survived ten years of war just to die of a virus’

COVID-19 is leaving a trail of destruction throughout Northwest Syria. The region, which has experienced the evils of war in recent years, is an easy prey for the virus. Refugees in Belgium are losing one loved one after the other. MO* spoke to doctors and family members of victims.
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Ethiopian migrants chased and shot at in the Gulf: ‘Just let them die. Their lives are worthless’

In Yemen, Houthi militias have used the corona crisis to violently chase out Ethiopian migrants across the border with Saudi Arabia. Now, more than five months later, hundreds of Ethiopians migrants are still being held in Saudi detention centres in dire circumstances.


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