Writing for MO*? You Can!

At MO.be, we publish contributions almost daily from freelance journalists, columnists, interns, opinion makers, and occasional authors, just like in MO* magazine. You can also contribute to MO*.

Before You Proceed: Who and What is MO*?

MO* has a core team of journalists, including the editorial staff, writers, and employees responsible for planning, final editing, web editing, communication, and business management. MO* is published by the non-profit organization Wereldmediahuis.

We consciously choose not to implement a paywall, making our articles freely accessible to everyone. We have several core values, objectives, and principles that guide us, which you can consult in our Quality First strategy (document in Dutch).

Freelancing for MO*?

We currently rely on the dedicated work of about 30 freelance journalists. You can be part of this team as well.

Do you already have a concrete pitch or an article ready? Or do you want to set up a larger project and are looking for funding, support, or collaboration? Don't hesitate to contact us: email your proposals to pitch@mo.be.

We try to respond to every proposal as quickly as possible, but please be aware that it might take a few days. We are happy to think along with you, from your rough idea to the concrete finalization of your article. The earlier you submit a proposal, the more we can assist you in making your article idea MO*-proof.

If you have a larger project in mind and are looking for ways to realize it, we are also happy to think along about external funding opportunities and partners. For letters of intent in the context of grant applications, please contact us at least two weeks before the deadline, so we have enough time and space to review and assess all proposals.

A Good MO* Story…

  • Aligns well with our previously mentioned strategy;

  • Makes a unique contribution to the (Dutch-language) journalistic landscape;

  • Pays attention to less-heard perspectives and voices in the public debate;

  • Digs deeper than a news article and has a more timeless—yet still urgent—character;

  • Adequately considers its intended audience.

We use standard rates ranging from 250 euros to 500 euros per article, depending on genre, length, and visual material.

Until 2020, MO* annually allocated a budget to support unique journalistic research projects by freelance journalists with its own broader research grant. We hope to continue this in the future.

An Opinion Contribution for MO*?

Do you have a clear and well-founded opinion on a current topic that fits MO*? Have you already written your opinion piece (and it does not exceed 8000 characters)? Then contact us via info@mo.be.

We publish a maximum of 3 opinion pieces per week. Opinion contributions are free, unpaid contributions.

Blogging for MO*?

You can find various blogs on MO.be:

  • #WijZijnHier: featuring contributions from people who are deeply embedded in the super-diverse society. You'll read about relevant experiences of refugees, migrants, Dutch teachers for non-native speakers, and social workers.

  • Wereldblog: featuring stories from bloggers who live, work, and/or study abroad, and who write about their experiences with an open view of the world. Who are they? Students or PhD candidates on fieldwork trips, development workers, experienced world travelers...

Do you enjoy writing and have a good command of the language? Do you want to share your knowledge, experience, and/or insights with a personal touch? Then writing for one of these blogs might be for you.

Send an email to kilian.dejager@mo.be and briefly explain who you are and what you want to write about.

Internship at MO*?

At MO*, as an intern, you get the chance to take your first steps in journalism or marketing. This can be through an internship (at least 4/5th) as part of an education program or a voluntary internship on your own initiative (not linked to a study program).

For journalistic internships, we conduct a short introductory interview and writing test. We recommend applying well in advance (at least 6 months beforehand) as the internship spots are limited and in demand. Send an email to charis.bastin@mo.be and don't forget to include your CV and motivation letter. If you have previously written journalistic texts, be sure to include them as well.

If you are more focused on marketing, communication, and/or social media, you will also find an internship opportunity at MO* where you can put your knowledge into practice. In that case, send your motivation letter and CV to Jan.Buelinckx@mo.be.

An internship can be a stepping stone for more, both at MO* and elsewhere in journalism:

  • Ebe Daems, freelance journalist: "My internship at MO* was a gateway to paid work for MO* and other clients. During the internship, I was allowed to work on fascinating themes that I personally found important. The guidance helped me quickly learn how to write a good article and how to support it with sources."

  • Sarah Vandoorne, freelance journalist: "MO* challenged me to fully dedicate myself to journalism, to specialize in a theme that completely suited me, to write not necessarily more but better pieces. To this day, I continue to freelance for them as a journalist and occasionally also as an editor."

Translating for MO*?

MO* is a Dutch-language magazine, but as an attentive website visitor, you may have noticed that we regularly have articles translated. This usually happens into English, French, or Spanish, and occasionally into other languages: from Lingala and Portuguese to Arabic and Russian.

Publishing articles in other languages is made possible through a collaboration with Kompreno and an engaged pool of volunteer translators. We work together in a private Facebook group. Would you like to be part of this and contribute to MO*? Let us know via info@mo.be.

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