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Where is that master plan to phase out fossil fuels?

Europe’s dependence on Russian gas, the energy crisis or climate disruption: economist Jonas van der Slycken sees countless reasons for phasing out our use of fossil fuels. What could a bold, social and just policy look like? ‘We can afford less and less the usual policy of delay.’
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Give Africa the place it deserves

Looking for strong arguments in the decolonisation debate, MO* journalist Kris Berwouts stumbled upon three books in different languages, by authors from different backgrounds (an African, a European, and an African-American). All three want to put Africa back at the centre of its history.
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How Viktor Orbán is annexing the Hungarian minority in Romania

Viktor Orbán is incorporating Hungarian minorities abroad into his sphere of influence. MO* journalist Pieter Stockmans cycled through Székely Land, a Hungarian enclave in the heart of Romania.

‘The super-rich choose their own place in the world — and pay for it’

Who among us can truly become a global citizen? Journalist Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, herself the holder of three nationalities from three different continents, takes a unique look at what citizenship means in the 21st century.

‘Stop the impunity in eastern Congo’

Following the recent massacre in eastern Congo, former minister Réginald Moreels, author David Van Reybrouck, political scientist and author Nadia Nsayi and others are calling for independent investigations to find out 'exactly what happened, and who is responsible for what crimes'.

‘We must not get used to the horror in eastern Congo’

On 29 November, yet another massacre took place in eastern Congo. The region has been plagued by ruthless violence for decades. Often the perpetrators are known, but they are rarely brought to justice. MO* contributor Kris Berwouts wonders who will stop this impunity.
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Russian mercenaries in exchange for African natural resources

Two phenomena have been on the rise in recent years: privatised warfare and ultra-nationalist extremism in Russia. Its outflow is the infamous Wagner Group, the private military company that does not even officially exist. In recent years, Wagner has occupied more and more space in Africa.
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Wagner acknowledges the death of a Zambian student recruited in Russian prison

A young man from Zambia died at the war front in Ukraine in September. His family is left with questions. Lemekhani Nyirenda was a student in Moscow serving a prison sentence in Russia. He was one of the detainees recruited by the Wagner Group.
Herve Bossy (Vétérinaires Sans Frontières)

These livestock keepers are the canaries in the coal mine of a planet in crisis

Many of the pastoralist communities live in Africa, and their way of life is falling victim to the climate crisis. “We get much less milk from our cows than we used to. And that has everything to do with the unreliability of the rain.”
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The French colonial who fell in love with Morocco

He is buried next to his compatriot Napoleon, but his name still only rings a bell with few Europeans: Hubert Lyautey, France's first resident-general in Morocco. The French colonial left a special mark on Morocco a hundred years ago, which still lingers today.
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Algeria and Morocco's paradoxical support for independence movements

Are Morocco and Algeria using independence movements in a geopolitical joust for more power in the region? Polisario in Western Sahara has long enjoyed Algerian support, and now the Riffian movement is following suit. Conversely, Morocco supports the Kabylian cause in Algeria.
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On the other side of the bars: the broken families of el-Sisi's Egypt

Egypt is holding 60,000 political prisoners in inhumane detention conditions. MO* spoke to their relatives, in Europe and in Egypt.