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European IMF directors protected the banks, but hit the Greeks

MO* Magazine could seize a confidential document that shows the number of questions about the approach of the Greece debt crisis that lived within the IMF Executive Board.
MO*/John Vandaele

To change course touches the powers that be

Some things change fast. Very fast.  Despite predictions that it wouldn’t happen before 2040, China is, according to some analyses, already the world's largest economy. It is certainly the biggest exporter, and in East Asia, the renminbi is snapping at the dollar's heels. However, the country's growth exposes a lack of social and ecological su ...

RIO+20: U.S. swimming or sinking?

A controversial environmental policy has created serious concerns that a non-committal attitude of the U.S. to RIO+20 will prevent any meaningful outcomes. In times of presidential elections with two candidates – Obama and Romney- having different approaches to ‘green economy’, what are the chances that a position will be defined for the summit? ...

Rising Asia and Old Europe need to work together

Tempting as it may be, it would be wrong to write off Europe as yesterday’s power. Europe still matters even though this is not the message some EU policymakers have been sending out to a watching world.
Klaas Verplancke

Angry Fragile World

Three years after the debts volcano on Wall Street erupted, we can see more clearly what happened: a crisis of neoliberal globalization.

MO*lecture Hania Zlotnik & Fred Pearce: 7 Billion People: Development Disaster or Opportunity?

Monday 7 November at 7 pm in the Kaaitheater in Brussels, two internationally recognized experts will debate about population, climate, migration and development.

7 Billion: Development Disaster or Opportunity?

Every day the world adds 209.000 inhabitants and the UN expects the 7 billionth living human to be born on October 31th. Will we welcome him or her chanting peace on earth for everone? Or will the reality be gloomier, and will the explosive population growth erase all the positive effects of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint?

The mule and the driver

Mid April the EU signed a free trade agreement with Colombia. Now it is the turn of the parliaments involved to ratify the agreement. To remove any possible obstacles – Bogota’s human rights situation is controversial – a delegation of Members of the European Parliament paid a visit to Colombia. MO* was there too.

Crisis of capitalism

Lecture given at the Conference on the ‘Crisis of Capitalism, Welfare State and Labour’, Madrid, November 18, 2010. The Conference was organized by Instituto de Cultura del Sur, an institution under the patronage of eight municipalities of Madrid. Other participants on this Conference were Roberto Savio (WSF), Susan George, Ricardo Petrella, Rémy H ...

Bolivia takes production of lithium into own hands

The government of Bolivia will spend 358 million euros (500 million US dollars) during the four coming years for the exploitation of the country's lithium reserves. So far the decision has not been made public.

When the big river floods, the little rivers get filled

China is growing, but do the Chinese that produce our clothes, shoes, mobiles and laptops profit from it? Is it true, in other words, that globalization gives chances to the labouring people in developing countries? In september 2008, just before the onset of crisis, John Vandaele went to the Pearl River Delta, where twenty million migrant worke ...

Rainbow nation sks. energy

South Africa is dealing with an acute shortage of energy, and they are furthermore stuck up with this for years.


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