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'In India, the government wants complete control over the stories people see, read and hear'

A drawing can hurt more than an opinion piece. Cartoonists of all countries can attest to that, and the loudest confirmation is the silence of those who were truly silenced. Aseem Trivedi's story illustrates how power reacts when its mistakes and shortcomings are exposed.
© Pieter Stockmans

‘A Hungarian in Ukraine today is seen as an enemy’

Hungary blocks EU financial aid packages for Ukraine. Prime minister Viktor Orbán also walked out of the EU vote to open accession negotiations with Ukraine. Political tensions between Budapest and Kiev are escalating. The Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, is caught in the middle.
© Reuters / Ammar Awad

Where does the violence in the Middle East end? ‘This is colonialism that is becoming more extreme’

How should we understand this new chapter in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? When and how will the violence end? And what role should the international community play? MO* spoke to anti-colonial activist Eitan Bronstein Aparicio and human rights expert Mahmoud AbuRahma.

Cycling through Israeli nature parks, where forests cover the ruins of Palestinian villages

MO* journalist Pieter Stockmans cycled through the west of Jerusalem with Israeli and Palestinian cycling tourists. Separately, through the same area, but in different worlds. Forests and natural parks cover obliterated Palestinian villages. ‘I want to tell about it. We will never forget.’
© Pieter Stockmans

Cycling in the land of settlements, walls and military checkpoints

Can you develop a cycling club in occupied Palestinian territory? Sohaib Samara does it. MO* journalist Pieter Stockmans navigated with him between Israeli settlements, walls and military checkpoints. The ultimate dream? A real Palestinian cycling academy.
© Justyna Wydrzyńska

Convicted Polish activist: “Women’s bodies are the property of society”

In Poland, an activist was convicted of 'assisting abortion'. The case has implications that go beyond the impact on women's rights: it challenges the European legal order and shows the far-reaching consequences of political authoritarianism and Catholic fundamentalism with government power.
© Xander Stockmans

Back to the Romanian-Ukrainian border: ‘Spontaneous solidarity has greatly diminished’

Fleeing your country is one thing. But what comes after, when you have reached a safe country and the weeks and months pass? MO* journalist Pieter Stockmans returned to the Romanian-Ukrainian border, where he saw a wave of solidarity with refugees last year. What has changed?
Reuters / Francois Lenoir

‘The gap between election rhetoric and much-needed policies is widening’

'While economic migrants have long been a scapegoat, the labour shortage — decades after our search for "guest" workers — has brought them back into demand,' notes MO* editor-in-chief Jago Kosolosky. This reality clashes with the anti-immigration discourse that politicians continue to resort to.
Alpha Photo (CC BY-NC 2.0)

‘The need for in-depth journalism is increasing, as is its value’

Thanks in part to artificial intelligence, the amount of superficial information disguised as journalism will increase even more briskly, writes editor-in-chief Jago Kosolosky. 'At such a time, the need for in-depth journalism is increasing, as is its value.'
© Moritz Van Dungern

Open letter: Against the “sustainable” destruction of the rainforest and the people who live in it

Following Milo Rau's theatre performance Antigone in the Amazon, the Landless Workers Movement MST and some experts and activists wrote an open letter denouncing the practice of greenwashing by the Brazilian company Agropalma.
© Pieter Stockmans

Free Palestine on bikes: ‘If Israelis can go anywhere in this country, so can we’

A group of Palestinians from Bethlehem use bicycles as a means to 'win their freedom'. They ride everywhere, including across the Israeli border, without a permit. MO* journalist Pieter Stockmans crossed the desert with them, cycling from Bethlehem in Palestine to the Dead Sea in Israel.
©Luka Matic/Münchner Wunderkammer

‘We are not just victims, we are mostly survivors – and that should be celebrated’

‘I did not want to remain silent when I can talk, when I can do something with the horror that happens to people in war.’ So, Bosnian-Croatian theatre maker Tea Tupajić invited a number of Yezidi women used by IS as sex slaves to tell their story in detail for one last time.


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