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‘The land is dead’: once again, millions of Ethiopians are on the brink of famine

It hardly seems like news: a new famine is looming in Ethiopia. For some Ethiopians, it would be the fourth in their lifetimes. And more than drought, political factors such as the recent war in Tigray are at play. ‘What can I do? I am too old, I have nowhere to go.’
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‘Everything that held us together as a people is now in ruins’

In November 2022, the Ethiopian government and the state of Tigray agreed to end two years of war. But how fragile is this peace? And what does the agreement mean for the population? MO* went there to find out. This is part 1: “Old friends, new enemies.”
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Is Israel committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, supported by the West?

The ongoing Israeli siege of Gaza is not a typical war. The term ‘genocide’ is being used more frequently. Several Genocide experts and UN officials have also been making the case. Israel has used genocidal rhetoric and has secret plans for ‘evacuation to Egypt’.
© Reuters / Ammar Awad

Where does the violence in the Middle East end? ‘This is colonialism that is becoming more extreme’

How should we understand this new chapter in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? When and how will the violence end? And what role should the international community play? MO* spoke to anti-colonial activist Eitan Bronstein Aparicio and human rights expert Mahmoud AbuRahma.
© Reuters / Bernadett Szabo

How Viktor Orbán is reprogramming Hungarians’ brains

Hungary is not blocking the EU’s anti-Russian sanctions, but it is opening its media landscape wide to the Russian war narrative. What is behind this apparent paradox?
© Pieter Stockmans

Cycling in the land of settlements, walls and military checkpoints

Can you develop a cycling club in occupied Palestinian territory? Sohaib Samara does it. MO* journalist Pieter Stockmans navigated with him between Israeli settlements, walls and military checkpoints. The ultimate dream? A real Palestinian cycling academy.
© Xander Stockmans

Back to the Romanian-Ukrainian border: ‘Spontaneous solidarity has greatly diminished’

Fleeing your country is one thing. But what comes after, when you have reached a safe country and the weeks and months pass? MO* journalist Pieter Stockmans returned to the Romanian-Ukrainian border, where he saw a wave of solidarity with refugees last year. What has changed?

Two years after Taliban return: these women keep on believing in freedom

Two years ago, the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan. Women, minorities and human rights defenders are paying the price, but the militancy of many Afghans has not been broken. MO* talked to two leading women activists, Sima Samar and Razia Arefi: ‘Knowledge cannot be taken away.’
© Pieter Stockmans

Free Palestine on bikes: ‘If Israelis can go anywhere in this country, so can we’

A group of Palestinians from Bethlehem use bicycles as a means to 'win their freedom'. They ride everywhere, including across the Israeli border, without a permit. MO* journalist Pieter Stockmans crossed the desert with them, cycling from Bethlehem in Palestine to the Dead Sea in Israel.
© Belgaimage / Guerchom Ndebo

Fake news throws heavy smokescreens over eastern Congo

Fake news is used purposefully and very strategically in Congo today — to score politically and diplomatically, to create a certain psychological climate, or simply to cover up hard facts. The greater the insecurity, the harder the rumour mill turns.

‘Stop the impunity in eastern Congo’

Following the recent massacre in eastern Congo, former minister Réginald Moreels, author David Van Reybrouck, political scientist and author Nadia Nsayi and others are calling for independent investigations to find out 'exactly what happened, and who is responsible for what crimes'.

‘We must not get used to the horror in eastern Congo’

On 29 November, yet another massacre took place in eastern Congo. The region has been plagued by ruthless violence for decades. Often the perpetrators are known, but they are rarely brought to justice. MO* contributor Kris Berwouts wonders who will stop this impunity.


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