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In 2008, Africalia and the city of Ghent chose South African Ismail Farouk to create a work of art for Ledeberg, a borough of Ghent. His functional artwork ‘Smaaklik’ is not there yet, in the meantime Farouk shares his views on space and society in Ledeberg, Europe and his home country South-Africa.
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The killer king of North Kivu

Bosco Ntaganda is the spider in the web of violence and looting in North Kivu, East Congo. The Terminator kidnaps people, smuggles raw materials into Rwanda and orders forests to be felled in Virunga Park. The International Court of Justice may be after him for crimes against humanity, but Ntaganda simply lives in Goma, at a stone’s throw from the ...

Swedish journalists risk years of imprisonment in Ethiopia

Two Swedish journalists are accused by the Ethiopian authorities of aiding and cooperating with "terrorist organisations". They were apprehended while doing their work in the Ogaden region, where separatist movements are involved in an armed struggle with the central governement in Addis Abeba. MO* participated in the opening session of a high prof ...
Joël N. Pierre

Interview with Louise Mushikiwabo, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Rwanda

The Rwandese president Paul Kagame came to Belgium early December 2010 in the framework of the European Development Days. His visit was anything but uneventful: several braved the bitter cold and snow to express their anger or support for  him. Kagame addressed 2400 Rwandan from the diaspora in Europe, but did not meet with king Albert II, nor ...

Conflict Prevention: the Ultimate Casualty of the Osh Violence?

“For years, there has been a part of the development sector that existed and expanded on the assumption that the Ferghana was soon to explode”, a former colleague in Kyrgyzstan said after the violence in the south which left between 300 and 800 dead in June 2010. “Eventually they got more than they could deal with.”

China's intervention in Africa and Latin America

The relationship between China, Africa and Latin America is set to shape the 21st century. What will define their cooperation? And what will be the consequences for Europe?

The Pitfall of the Debate about Aid

Over the last few months the debate about development aid has been very lively. But that debate holds a risk in that it hides the most important aspects of development cooperation behind a smoke screen. This is a pitfall we should not go for.

“Europe doesn't question official development aid” (Commissioner KAREL DE GUCHT)

Europe may be making it easier for member states to fulfill their promises with regard to development aid. Today the European Commission has published a Communication, which questions the traditional criteria used to define ODA (Official Development Assistance). Those criteria are being closely watched by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation ...

Rainbow nation sks. energy

South Africa is dealing with an acute shortage of energy, and they are furthermore stuck up with this for years.

Graça Machel, alias Madam Mandela: 'Me, President? Never! I know too much!'

At the age of 52, Graça Machel for the second time in her life became First Lady. In 1986, her first husband, president Samora Machel of Mozambique, died in a suspicious plane crash. Today Graça is married to Nelson Mandela who has ninety candles on his birthday cake this year!

Congo squanders its crown jewels

Although Congo is poverty-stricken, its subsoil is overflowing with wealth. But who profits from Congolese copper, cobalt or uranium? MO* got hold of two mining exploitation contracts and had them analyzed by a specialized law firm. Conclusion: Congo is being looted. A Congolese parliamentary Commission warned about this, but its report was suppres ...