| 'Welcome to Hungary (But not wholeheartedly)’

Finally, Europe. But forget about a warm welcome. Hungary is notorious for its harsh treatment of refugees and an inhospitable political climate. The problem is, once arrested at the border, a refugee ...
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| Why some refugees do return to the hell of their homeland

Nazim is not heading to some promised land in Western Europe. He returns, broken by misfortune and disappointment. He will literally get back on his steps from Germany to Syria. His story reads like a ...
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| Dilys Williams: 'Designers need to challenge the status quo'

'It is not in the nature of fashion designers to follow the sheep. On the contrary, fashion is about challenging the system.' Head of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion Dilys Williams is certain of th ...
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| ‘Do you know the way to Hungary?’

Unlike neighbouring Macedonia, Serbia seems to opt for a more humane approach to the flow of refugees crossing the country. Serbia has something like a working asylum system, partly built on the legac ...
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| Spy war behind the scenes of the Brussels diplomacy

At least three senior officials from sensitive European departments have in recent years been called back from Brussels by their country of origin, on suspicion of having had contacts with Russian int ...
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| ‘I saw on TV how everyone was leaving Kosovo, so I went myself’

Only recently the Balkans became a transit route, but migration is certainly not new to the region. For the last two decades, the Balkans were important countries of origin. Still, last year tens of t ...
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| Bulgaria: Exquisite back door to the Balkan

Bulgaria does not exactly correspond to the image of a new life in Europe that refugees carry with them. But the country shares a border with Turkey, and is therefore an excellent loophole to avoid Gr ...
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| MO*reporter undercover in human trafficking in Macedonia

Macedonia is the link in the Balkan route which frightens migrants the most. The two hundred kilometres from the Greek border to Serbia are regarded as the most difficult. The migration routes through ...

| Will Pakistan-Saudi relations survive Yemen crisis?

Ceciel Shiraz Raj will provide MO* with a weekly analysis of the trends shaping Pakistan. He reads the vociferous media in his country and boils all the screaming headlines down to what really matters ...
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| Greece: The starting line

The harsh stand on migration of the two previous governments in Greece and the festering economical crisis causes many migrants who have been living in the country for years to leave Greece behind. At ...
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| ‘Europe, still one country ahead’

When it comes to migration, all the eyes have been on the Mediterranean recently. The sheer scope of the human tragedies off the European coasts and the indifference of our continent are hard to grasp ...
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| Cocaine trafficking across Europe in the age of technology

With technology evolving rapidly, drug trafficking is set for the dawn of a new era. It is now possible to buy drugs online and have them delivered right to your doorstep just like any other product. ...