| Will Pakistan-Saudi relations survive Yemen crisis?

Ceciel Shiraz Raj will provide MO* with a weekly analysis of the trends shaping Pakistan. He reads the vociferous media in his country and boils all the screaming headlines down to what really matters ...
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| Greece: The starting line

The harsh stand on migration of the two previous governments in Greece and the festering economical crisis causes many migrants who have been living in the country for years to leave Greece behind. At ...
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| ‘Europe, still one country ahead’

When it comes to migration, all the eyes have been on the Mediterranean recently. The sheer scope of the human tragedies off the European coasts and the indifference of our continent are hard to grasp ...
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| Cocaine trafficking across Europe in the age of technology

With technology evolving rapidly, drug trafficking is set for the dawn of a new era. It is now possible to buy drugs online and have them delivered right to your doorstep just like any other product. ...
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| Italian spyware and the demise of a Moroccan news site

Western companies selling surveillance technology to law enforcement and intelligence services are on the rise. In 2012 the Moroccan news website Mamfakinch, founded to report on the Arab Spring prote ...
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| Belgium chases Russian spy couple

The Belgian Federal prosecutor’s office has launched an inquiry into two Russian intelligence officers that have clandestinely acquired the Belgian nationality with the help of Belgian diplomats ...
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| How Iraq ended up with ISIS and angry Sunnis

Twelve years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the curfew in Baghdad has been lifted. However, there is little reason to rejoice. In 2013, Barack Obama announced the end of a decade of American interve ...
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| Saskia Sassen: 'We must become innovators'

The current capitalist system is not fueled by money and consumption, instead it is fueled by financial speculation, according to Saskia Sassen, one of the top US political scientists. The current sit ...
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| ‘Basic Income is the answer to technological developments’

Increasingly, intelligent computers are taking over more and more intellectual jobs hitherto considered “safe” from automation, author Tom Kenis argues. Where will it end? Kenis points to ...
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| What is the way forward for Nepal?

Since the end of the civil war in 2006, repeated deadlines for a new constitution have passed, and several governments have come and gone in Nepal. As a result, the distance between the Nepali people ...
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| Leaked Report Says World Bank Violated Own Rules in Ethiopia

The World Bank repeatedly violated its own rules while funding a development initiative in Ethiopia that has been dogged by complaints that it sponsored forced evictions of thousands of indigenous peo ...
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| Are you Charlie?

Our increasingly globalized world isn’t a happy place for everyone. The elites of the old West, Europe and the United States, are still in control. China, India, Brazil, and others are growing, ...