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How Iraq ended up with ISIS and angry Sunnis

Twelve years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the curfew in Baghdad has been lifted. However, there is little reason to rejoice. In 2013, Barack Obama announced the end of a decade of American intervention in Iraq. Today, his nation is involved in yet another war in the area. As the International Coalition has resorted to targetting the Islamic Sta ...

Yemen: thousand-and-one challenges

Yemen needs to fight severe safety problems and faces as poorest Arab country millions of political, economical and social challenges. Counter terror programs fail and political powers are steeped in corruption. Can Yemen still be saved? MO*-journalist Tine Danckaers investigated it on the spot.

Freedom of press in Yemen

The offices of Al Ayyam, one of the oldest and most popular independent newspapers of Yemen, now banned, are part of a fort in Aden. Official security forces and the guards of Al Ayyam got into an armed fight in this city in May 2009. At the beginning of this year fights occurred again. During these, the chief editor, Hisham Bashraheel, and two of ...

Europe doesn’t want to resettle Iraqi refugees

The resettlement of Iraqi refugees needs to become a greater priority on the European humanitarian agenda.