Klaas Verplancke

Self-criticism is the mother of dialogue

These days, Judaism and Christianity are often presented as kindred souls who stand for democracy and human rights, while Islam is cut from a wholly different cloth. This essay by Tom Kenis argues that the books and practice of the three religions barely support this contention.

More is more

Wikileaks, an online repository of classified documents leaked anonymously by whistleblowers, is drawing criticism after posting close to 400.000 classified documents detailing American military operations in Iraq, and gruesome details of detainee abuse by American-sponsored Iraqi security personnel. Beyond discomfort to the defense establishm ...

Brussels pouts

“The occupation must end.” - “Anti-Semite!” Five words; a mere two phrases suffice to sum up the dialog-gerheads between a growing chorus of American citizens, European citizens, trade unions, academia, an ever-shifting panoply of online forums, and Israel. Brussels, as the personification of what’s perceived by many Israelis as a mainly European b ...

The greener, the sooner

In a true Copernican shift, our lives will start to veritably revolve around the sun.

Afghanistan. A moment of reflection. [opinion]

As the United States deposits tens of thousands more boots on Afghan soil, in addition to the roughly 65.000 soldiers already there, launching an Iraq-like ‘surge’ in a bid to recapture what’s been euphemistically dubbed ‘momentum’, a brief instant of reflection might be in order.