Yemen: “The genie of change is out of the bottle”

The protest movement in Yemen won’t lie down, notwithstanding an unyielding old elite. All the while, concurrently with the revolution, different opposing groups are engaged in their political fencing, each with their own agenda. Chaos is big, but the genie of change is out of the bottle, as the Yemenite human rights fighter Ezzedine al-Asbahi ...

Amiri Baraka: Poetry for the 99%

Considered one of the big names in contemporary American literature, he became famous in the sixties as an avant-garde poet in New York and is now on the barricades alongside the Occupy movement. A portrait of Amiri Baraka, eternal revolutionary.
Gie Goris

2012: Year of the Attack on Iran

Iran chose a new parliament on March 2. Meanwhile, Israel is drawing up military plans against the Iranian nuclear program. The United States and Europe prefer a diplomatic approach, but do not shy away from voicing threats. In Iran itself political differences grow larger, the economy is collapsing and the people feel powerless in the face of ...
Gie Goris

Three global women leaders about inequality, discrimination and violence

The position of women has improved a great deal the past decades. All over the world. So far so good. Nevertheless, gender inequality continues to be very persistent. Also all over the world. The economic crisis and numerous conflicts make things even more difficult, according to three women leaders in the UN and World Bank.

Syria: to intervene or not to intervene?

To intervene or not to intervene. Among Syria’s neighbors, the question looms ever larger. Turkish talk of humanitarian corridors and the Red Cross’s pleas for access to Homs and other flashpoint cities is reminiscent of timid Western attempts at stemming the Bosnian civil war. In addition, the example of military intervention in Libya, as well ...

Serbia and the EU: duet with false notes

At the spring summit, the European Council can grant Serbia the candidate membership. In the Balkan country itself support for the European accession has reached a historical low.
REUTERS/Katrina Man

The killer king of North Kivu

Bosco Ntaganda is the spider in the web of violence and looting in North Kivu, East Congo. The Terminator kidnaps people, smuggles raw materials into Rwanda and orders forests to be felled in Virunga Park. The International Court of Justice may be after him for crimes against humanity, but Ntaganda simply lives in Goma, at a stone’s throw from the ...

What racism does to a child

Children know what racism is. Harassment, jokes, negative statements about heritage, colour and religion belong to the life of many primary school pupils. Through individual conversations and focus groups, MO* examines this phenomenon. Their results are both startling and challenging.

Farmers for the future

Evidence keeps rising that our agriculture and food system is out of balance. On its turn, Europe has understood a different and better plan is needed. The making of the EU's new Common Agricultural Policy is in full swing. The question remains whether it will pose a solution to the real challenges of the agricultural sector today.
CC EU Social / Wendy

A Catholic Economy for Europe

The economic woes of European nations are at the center of political debates and street battles. Would anybody mind to listen to a voice that has been disregarded and discredited, but might hold some important insights to guide Europe out of its current imbroglio? Kenneth Weare, an American moral theologian, highlights the ideas of the European Cat ...
Olivia Rutazibwa

Somaliland: The illegitimate widow in the Horn of Africa

In the turbulent Horn of Africa, Somaliland is an oasis of relative quiet and order. Twenty years ago Somaliland declared itself independent. Since, however, no country has recognized this tiny state in the northeast of Somalia.
Kristof Clerix

The dragon no longer is the little brother

The population of Russia is declining fast. In the Far East, only six million Russians are left. At the other side of the border, hundreds of millions of Chinese are packed together in the northern provinces of the People’s Republic. Is the Chinese dragon a threat for the Russian bear?