Women’s rights in the Westbank

Palestinian women are –without doubt­– the best educated of the entire Arab world. Still, you rarely find them in high career positions, more likely they are condemned to the life of a housewife. While opinion leaders are racking their brain to find out whether this is due to the occupation or the patriarchal society, political and social reforms a ...
Barbara Kosiol


In the beginning, the universe was immense, black, devoid of structure. Then the ‘om’ sound resonated through chaos and created the world. India, the birthplace of the Buddha, drifted aimlessly in the vast sea, like a giant raft.

Cairo 2050: ambitious plans, threathened population

The City Council of Cairo approved a set of plans to dramatically alter the polluted city’s face. Yet critics fear that the council’s “green” intentions are a cover to hide the true aspirations of the real-estate mafia. MO* spoke with Egyptian historian Khaled Fahmy about the relocation of the oldest functioning cemetery in the world.

Peyman Jafari: ‘Iranians realize that in order to change their country, they have to hit the streets.

How does the future of the “green movement” look like? Is Teheran preparing for an “Iranian Intifada” or are revolutionary aspirations a song of the past? Who is supporting the Iranian opposition movement? And how is President Ahmadinejad doing in the meantime? MO* asked Peyman Jafari, author of The Other Iran.

After the failed Climate Summit of Copenhagen

At the climate summit in Copenhagen (7-18 December) an agreement must be concluded for the climate control. But the outlook for a real agreement were bleak from the outset. That means a very important responsibility for our country, because Belgium has the EU presidency in the second half of 2010.

Angola: the elites live with their backs to the country

Angola's capital looks like a modern day Eldorado for the small elite, who pay regular visits to fancy clubs and drive their SUV’s through endless traffic jams. Chinese builders construct roads, railways and soccer stadiums throughout the entire country, but in the crowded slums millions of people have to get by on hardly anything. MO* wen t to Ang ...

Zimbabwean prime minister Tsvangirai on his archrival Mugabe

It took a long and painful struggle, but finally, in February 2009, Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe agreed to form a government of national unity in Zimbabwe. Mugabe would continue to occupy the presidential seat, while Tsvangirai would lead the new government. In an exclusive interview with MO*, Mr. Tsvangirai shares his views on his country’s ...
Gie Goris

Interview with Asha Rose Migiro, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN

Few African politicians climbed up as high as Asha Rose Migiro, the Tanzanian who made it to become the number two of the United Nations. In an exclusive interview with MO*, she calls for more attention for what goes well in Africa. While she remains deeply concerned by the violence against women.

Afghan senior journalist Danish Karokhel: ‘A life of war is my motivation to fight for peace’

On Christmas Eve 1979 Soviet tanks entered Afghanistan. The war and violence that began then, is still with the Afghans, thirty years and many regime changes later. Afghan top journalist and chief editor Danish Karokhel, explains how he experienced those past thirty years.

The Pitfall of the Debate about Aid

Over the last few months the debate about development aid has been very lively. But that debate holds a risk in that it hides the most important aspects of development cooperation behind a smoke screen. This is a pitfall we should not go for.

AMINATA TRAORÉ: ‘Africans are not poor, they are robbed’

Aminata Traoré is one of the most respected and heard voices of the African community. For her the time has now come - more than ever - to create a new world. However, she fears that in the end bankers and politicians will choose business as usual.
Stefaan Anrys

Have the NGO's sold their souls to the minister of development cooperation?

On 4 May 2009, representatives of the Belgian government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) signed an agreement concerning the effectiveness of Belgium’s federal development cooperation. Charles Michel, Minister of Development Cooperation, and Peter Moors, general director of his administration, the Directorate-General for Development Cooper ...