Nuclear energy: booming business in the South

Due to climate change, nuclear power is hot again. Over 44 new nuclear plants are being build worldwide - mostly in Asia. Critics point out the risks of proliferation and say that nuclear energy is not a sustainable option for the South.

Art is not for cows

The European Commission organised an international colloquium about culture, creativity and development beginning of April. By coincidence a couple of Flemish culture houses and NGOs also planned a colloquium on culture and development the week before. Do Departments of Development Cooperation or NGOs focussing on development have to invest in arti ...

One year Medvedev

This May is the anniversary of Medvedev’s first year presidency. A moment for political analysts to evaluate his actions. Maria Ordzhonikidze, Secretary General of the EU-Russia centre, presented “Expectations of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev” on the 6th of May in Brussels. An interview about how far he has realized his presidential campaign pr ...

Crisis in Russian media

The financial crisis has severely affected Russian media. Both quality and quantity suffered, while several publishers were forced to suspend activities. At the same time there is a massive job cut of journalists all over the country.

Hello satellite

Ivan is the owner of the Russian shop in Mechelen. Originally he is Byelorussian, but being brought up in the USSR he absorbed the language and the culture of Russian people. He considers Russian language as an inevitable part of his education and wants his children to join this reach culture too.

From the Rose Revolution to the Carrot Manifestation

After six days of the manifestations in Tbilisi, president Saakashvili has still no intention to step down. Meanwhile, the opposition seems to split and crumble.

Demonstrations in Georgia against Saakashvili’s regime

A massive protests associated with the dispersal of the demonstrators by Soviet troops 20 years ago took place in Tbilisi 9th of April. This rally was announced as a: “Clean hands”, meaning freedom from corruption and turn to the true democracy. By some estimates, 60 thousands of people took part in the demonstration, hundreds of them stayed in the ...

Afghan conference from the side of Russian foreign minister

Russian minister of foreign affaires, Sergey Lavrov, spoke out about the position of Russia concerning Afghanistan and the Big Tent meeting in The Hague last week.

Venezuela's petro revolution

Hugo Chávez has been in power for ten years now in Venezuela. The president's impulsive and obstinate actions make it difficult to conduct an independent analysis of his policy. For some, Chávez is a messiah, a new leader. For others, he's a second Mussolini or an old style people's agitator. Alma De Walsche visited Venezuela after one decade of Bo ...

Russian criticism on NATO summit

Russia’s ambassador to the NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, commented to on the NATO summit in Strasbourg:

Obama in Turkey

US President Barack Obama arrived in Turkey Sunday for a three-day visit. The stakes are high nafter the bargaining for the new NATO secretary-general, in wich Turkey had to be coaxed into accepting Mr. Rasmussen.

Interview with monetary specialist Bernard Lietaer on banks, the crisis and creative solutions

Belgian monetary specialist Bernard Lietaer sees the financial crisis as a potential disaster, but also as an opportunity. The opportunity to create complementary currencies needed to solve the problems of our time. Moreover, this is what is ongoing for the moment, from Brasil over Germany and Japan, to Flanders.