US technology against Chinese dissidents?

US-made Long-Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is a vehicle-mounted, circular dish that sends out concentrated, 150 decibel [dB] high-energy acoustic waves that are painfully loud. It was used in Fallujah, to fight off pirates from a cruise ship off the Somali coast, and to disperse pro-democracy demonstrators in Tbilisi. Is the device now heading to Ti ...

Europe’s cocaine supermarket

At the beginning of June, the European Union launched a civil-military mission in Guinea-Bissau to help reforming the security sector. The West African country is an important transit hub for cocaine towards Europe.

South-African violence is a mutiny

Just weeks before Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday, South Africa is shocked by an unseen explosion of xenophobia. Is this the end of the rainbow-nation 'where black and white can walk full of pride without a trace of fear in their heart'?

INDIA. Man does not live by ICT alone

During the rise of the Indian economy, the agricultural sector has been grossly neglected. Today this failure is being paid for heavily. A change in eating habits, a growing population and a decreasing farming area means that India is facing a serious food crisis, at a moment when the world food prices are increasing dramatically. The food crisi ...
Gie Goris

INDIA. Armed revolt in the Red Corridor

The Indian states that hold plenty of natural resources happen to be the same ones where the largest indigenous populations live. These "adivasis" do not enjoy the profits made by the resource industry. The naxalites are now revolting against this reality, as an “army” of underground warriors, members of militia and sympathisers.

Rainbow nation sks. energy

South Africa is dealing with an acute shortage of energy, and they are furthermore stuck up with this for years.

Qur'an and science

It is quite common to hear -from Muslims and their detractors alike- that Muslims believe all science is contained in the Qur'an. But is that true?
Gie Goris

Shona art suffers under Mugabe

Rbert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF are all but destroying economic and political life in Zimbabwe. Art, too, is having an increasingly difficult time.

The world is being patented

Freedom of expression -a Western value held up to the rest of the world- goes only as far as private profits allow it. Watch your words, they might be privatised yet.

The aid industry in Nepal

Nepal is the biggest receiver of foreign aid in South Asia. Nevertheless, the country is captured in a downward spiral of poverty. In 2008, donor money still flows to 'wrong' projects, going from deadlyhealth camps to megalomaniac dams and infrastructure projects.

Radical Religious Politics: The last Utopia

The 21st century has only just started but some people are already claiming it will be characterized by religious politics, although just a few years ago this phenomenon seemed destined to disappear in history’s fog. An essay to investigate a widely and wildly misunderstood phenomena.

Humanitarian intervention in Burma [opinion]

There is no denying a humanitarian intervention in Burma was indeed justified more than ever : hundreds of thousands vulnerable and wounded people were held hostage, while everything needed - water, blankets, tents, plastic cloths, rice and medicine - was ready and available. Those pushing for help -though- were not credible.


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