China Outdoes Europeans in Congo

The massive deal that China signed with the Democratic Republic of Congo last year is not the "second colonisation" that some Europeans allege it is. The agreement appears, in fact, a promising way to kick-start an economy.


This year Al Gore and the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, will share the Nobel Peace Prize. The “former would-be president of the US” is laurelled for having put climate change on top of the international agenda. The IPCC receives the prize because it has provided the scientific base for a global climate policy. MO* had an excl ...

Mismanagement in international organizations

After Paul Wolfowitz of the World Bank, Jacques Diouf of the FAO and many others, Director General Brunson McKinley of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is under internal accusation of nepotism, intimidation and bad management. Is there anybody who cares about the apparent structural problems in the management of international inst ...

Rwanda: the bitter taste of revenge

During that cruel spring of 1994, almost a million Tutsi`s and moderate Hutu`s were killed, in 100 days. Traditional Gacaca jurisdiction had to bring truth and reconciliation. But the absorption of the traumatic genocide is problematic genocide remains problematic. Half of the Hutu population lives as a defendant and reconciliation is hardly see ...
gie goris

Cardinal William Levada: Neoliberalism is not compatible with Catholic social teaching

Some call him the Catholic Secretary of Ideology, others the numero due of the Roman Catholic Church. Cardinal William Joseph Levada is Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. That makes him a Very Important Bishop, at least. Cardinal Levada took out time for an in-depth interview with MO*, one of the first such interviews since ...

Congo squanders its crown jewels

Although Congo is poverty-stricken, its subsoil is overflowing with wealth. But who profits from Congolese copper, cobalt or uranium? MO* got hold of two mining exploitation contracts and had them analyzed by a specialized law firm. Conclusion: Congo is being looted. A Congolese parliamentary Commission warned about this, but its report was suppres ...

Interactive graphic: the 200 largest companies in the world

The 200 biggest companies in the world are based in 24 different countries and are active in 13 different sectors. This interactive graphic provides insight in the group of the 200 megacompanies.Highlight the companies in one sector by using the buttons below. Hover over the company names for more data on the companies.Source: Fortune Global 500

The Olympic Stream

In the build-up to the Olympics 2012 in London, published a dossier about the Olympic Games (in dutch). Part of this dossier is the Olympic Stream, a visualisation of all medals won in modern Olympics.

The Western Economic Forum in Davos

Despite the economic rise of many countries in the world’s East and South, the most and biggest companies are still based in the West. That is why it comes to no surprise that most guests at the World Economic Forum in Davos are based in western countries. The graphic below shows how big the western dominance and overrepresentation in Davos r ...

6 dead and 79 wounded in a political meeting in Kenya

Two explosions ripped during the rally celebrated on the new constitution in Nairobi, killing 6 people and wounding 79. The politic tension returns to increase again in the country. The stampede followed an attack with granades by the supporters of the Constitution. This is one of the most important conflicts since 2007 when 1500 people dead in a w ...