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#BrusselsAttacks: 'Don’t Fall Into The Trap!’

MO* contacted commentators in Afghanistan, India, Jordan, Lebanon, and Pakistan. Countries where the caravan of hate struck long before it came to Brussels. Their answers to our questions are quite re ...
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From A No-Go Zone To A Shopping District; It’s Possible!

Politicians are usually adamant when it comes to unreported employment. They consider the ‘informal’ economy a free zone for tax evaders, or worse, criminals. However, that is not necessar ...
Valentina Calà (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Don't Drink Bombers' Deadly Cocktail

In an editorial I wrote on Monday, after a week intense anti-terror activity in Brussels, I used an Uzbek proverb –‘One man builds a bridge, a thousand men cross it’- to advocate an ...
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Erdogan's new Kurdistan

For months already, heavy fighting wreak havoc in the Kurdish cities of Turkey, without any sign of appeasement, on the contrary. Yet, the Turkish government and the politicians of the governing AKP a ...
© Toon Lambrechts

Behind the barricades in Nusaybin

Nusaybin is likely to be the next battlefield in the struggle between the Turkish army and Kurdish militants. In the border town, plenty of digging to erect new barricades is going on in the neighbour ...
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‘The old heart of Kurdistan is bleeding to death’

Since August last year, the violence in the Kurdish region of southeastern Turkey flared up again. Kurdish youth affiliated with the PKK engaged in battle with the state police and army. The fights st ...
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Chinese Political Scientist Yan Xuetong: 'China should allow more freedom of expression'

John Vandaele had the opportunity to talk with professor Yan Xuetong, one of the leading political thinkers of China. Yan is well known for his outspokenness, even when his vision does not correspond ...
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Hundred Percent Organic Farming in Bhutan

Bhutan wants to achieve 100% organic farming. Will the only country in the world using happiness as a criterion for prosperity succeed in this premise?
© Rami Jarrah

Syrian Journalist Rami Jarrah: ‘The Russians Are The Airforce Of ISIS’

The award-winning Syrian journalist Rami Jarrah fled Syria four years ago, but over the last few months he has returned several times to report on the situation in his country. Last week he was arrest ...
© Gie Goris

More People Displaced By Development Than By Natural Disasters

People run from war, persecution, disaster and a hopeless future. But every year, around 15 million people are also forced to leave behind their homes, land and communities because they need to make w ...
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The silent grief of the Jezidi women

Over the past year thousands of Jezidi women were made a slave and raped by Islamic State (IS) fighters. Some of them got away. They returned to Northern Iraq: ill, broken and severely traum ...

‘Waging War, Eating Meat, Capitalism – Evidence Of A Harrowing Lack Of Imagination’

Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist who loves science more than incense, believes the logic of cooperation will, by a process of natural selection, eventually come to replace the logic of neoliberalism. With ...